Normal shop opening hours

Monday-Saturday 7am – 6pm
Sunday 9am – 2pm

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Staff (permanent, temporary, and part time)

  • Jen McBeth (manager)
  • Charlotte King
  • Helen Kinstrey
  • Pauline Balmbra
  • Michelle Finlayson
  • Julie Hogan
  • Ruth Kirby
  • Jim McBeth

Previous posts on this page about financial assistance, deliveries, SITR, and the  Annual Members Meeting can be seen on the news archive page

Documents relating to the Annual Members Meetings can be seen at the foot of the UTCE page: http://broughtonvillagestore.co.uk/utce/

The shop was purchased by Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd, a Community Benefit Society registered with the FCA no.7979. UTCE acknowledges amazing support from funders including 250 shareholders who between them contributed £66,000. Information on the structure of UTCE is available here.

We are currently in the process of finalising plans to extend the shop. With funding now largely in place, we acknowledge the assistance, both historic and ongoing from:

Glenkerie community fund