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In early March 2024 we will move Broughton Village Store to temporary premises next to the Village Hall, on the other side of the A701. The temporary shop will stock all your favourite items, served by the same cheery staff, who look forward to welcoming our loyal customers to the new premises.
The shop hours remain the same:
Monday – Saturday 7am – 6pm
Sunday 9am – 2pm
(there may be minor alterations to hours during the move across the road)
The move is to allow the construction of a new extension at the back of the existing shop. This is a complex logistical build and is likely to take the rest of the year to complete. There will inevitably be disruption to the pavement, roadway, and properties closest to the shop, which we will endeavour to keep to a minimum. We have already spoken to many of those living near the shop, but if you have any concerns or queries please feel free to get in touch. There will also be occasional updates on Facebook
phone 07879 470920
Pick up a leaflet with these details from the shop


Tim Wright was a keen supporter of Broughton Village Store. Following his untimely death on 20th June his family has kindly requested that donations in his memory be sent to Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd in support of the shop’s development. Donations currently stand at £2,180 for which we are extremely grateful.

For any further donations please use the details below, with “Tim” included in the reference. For an acknowledgement please email

Account name: Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd

Account number: 18771863      Sort code: 80-22-60


Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd is governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) using model Rules devised by the Plunkett Foundation. We have recently updated our Rules from version 4 to version 6, which now need to be approved and adopted by the membership at an online EGM by ZOOM on Thursday 23rd February 2023 at 7pm. Copies of the Rules and details for joining the meeting can be found on the UTCE page of this website. 


In late 2023-early 2024 your shop is going to change! We have permission to dig out the garden and extend the existing building to make a larger shop, together with stores and offices all on one level. The build project has already begun: we are altering the layout of the Village Hall Cottage to create a temporary shop during building work on the existing shop, which we expect to start later this year. Funding for the new building will be sought from various grant bodies, but will also include a second share offer in late March 2023. As part of this process, we would like to know what YOU think about the existing shop and how it could be improved. There are printed customer surveys available in the shop or you can download the survey here . If it is easier you can ignore the survey form and simply email us your views on


We are making preparations for the second share issue. We are aware that this has been delayed by some months — due to logistical complications and illness — but a share launch event is now planned for Thursday 23rd March 2023 at 7pm — exactly four weeks after the EGM above.  This event will take place in the small Village Hall and the adjacent Cottage, currently being remodelled as a temporary shop location. It is still possible to pledge to buy shares — some £11,000 share capital has been pledged so far. The share pledge form [v.2] is available here


A  quick reminder for Upper Tweed residents that Broughton Village Store’s Welfare Fund is still active, and exists to help those in the community who are struggling with grocery bills. With a tough winter ahead, if you could do with a helping hand please contact our manager Jen in confidence, either in person, or by phoning the shop on 830465, or by email . There are no forms or means tests: those who ask will be given a pre-loaded store account card which can be used to buy shop produce, excluding alcohol and tobacco, with complete discretion. We have recently decided to use the welfare fund to assist the Primary School in running a Breakfast Club for its pupils. We are grateful to those of you who have recently contributed to the welfare fund – your help means a lot to those that need it. To contribute please email for our bank account details.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE BACKGROUND INFORMATION on the shop and developments please read the text of an article for the Upper Tweed Community News here: article for UTCN September 2022


REDEVELOPMENT OF VILLAGE SHOP Those with an ear to the ground may know that for much of 2021 we have been considering the redevelopment and expansion of the village shop. The Board of Upper Tweed Community Enterprise has successfully acquired grant funding to assist with initial drawings, and we are now at the point of seeking planning consent from Scottish Borders Council. The planning application can be seen here: If the link does not work, the application number is 21/01683/FUL. Everyone is invited to view the application and to comment if appropriate – comments in support are particularly welcome. To comment on an application follow the links from this page: We will read comments left on Facebook but please be aware that these will not be considered by the council’s planning officers. If you wish to ask questions of UTCE, please do not use Facebook but follow the links on our website: WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? Since acquiring the shop in 2019 we have been aware that the arrangements at the rear are unsatisfactory, comprising several sheds and shelters on different levels linked by irregular stone steps. This restricts options for the storage and display of stock, as well as being hazardous to staff, particularly when dark and icy. We always thought that within a few years the shop would need to expand, but our ability and justification for doing do has been accelerated by the dramatic expansion in business following the Coronavirus pandemic – after the first lockdown our turnover almost doubled. The plans involve digging out the rear garden and building an extension that will provide an expanded shop floor, a new stockroom, staff toilet, and office, all on one level within one building. The work is provisionally scheduled for late 2022. HOW WILL IT BE PAID FOR? We are in the process of acquiring estimates for the cost of this work, which we intend to finance through grants, shop reserves, loans, and a second share issue. The first share issue raised over £60,000 from over 250 individuals; we do not expect to raise as much second time, but we would like to give recent arrivals in the village a chance to invest in this flourishing enterprise, as well as letting existing investors top up their shareholding if they wish. Any second share issue will be extensively publicised but those wishing to register their interest can do so now by emailing . Thank you for reading this far. This message will also go out to shareholders and supporters by email, and is also on our Facebook page. Christopher Lambton Chairman UTCE Ltd


Our MSP Christine Grahame has put down a motion in the Scottish Parliament congratulating the village shop on its achievement with public welfare policies. In mid-January the shop management devised its own response to the widely disparaged food parcels being handed out elsewhere in the UK for needy children. Thanks to a generous donation, it was decided that the shop would provide a free lunch to any child asking for it, without any forms or questions to answer. At the time of writing we are serving between 15 and 20 free lunches daily. The announcement of this policy prompted many further donations, to a total of over £3000. The shop also reintroduced it’s account card top-up initiative, whereby families facing hardship get weekly use of a shop account card pre-loaded with £20. The text of Christine Grahame’s motion recognises the shop’s “valuable work” and pays tribute to “the team of hardworking staff and volunteers as well as the support of the local community”.


The new year brought a new lockdown and the continuing challenge of running a busy village shop while remaining Covid secure. Obtaining supplies, which can be difficult at the best of times in our remote location, became more so when the frequency and length of journeys needed to be reduced as far as possible. Despite the continuing obstacle course laid down by Covid restrictions, the  shop hopes to develop and improve further as lockdown is lifted – of our 20 months trading almost 12 have been in a pandemic, so it will take time to adjust. New stock lines are being continually introduced – if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask. Later in the year we will have an Annual Members Meeting, which we hope will be a real meeting not a virtual one. Our members are our shareholders. We are very much aware that since our first share issue in 2019 quite a few people have moved to the village and surrounding area, and there are others who missed out on the first issue. If you would like to register interest in buying shares in this successful enterprise please email (without obligation) Your email will be acknowledged but further details will not be available until later in the year. Details of the first issue, including our constitution as a Community Benefit Society can be found on the UTCE page.




We know how difficult it can be having children at home and providing three meals a day. Broughton Village Store will offer a free meal (soup, filled roll, and a snack) to any child who needs it – they simply have to pop into the shop and ask for a “free soup”. The staff will take care of the rest. No forms to fill in, no questions will be asked.  Alternatively, send us a message and we’ll let you know where to collect your meal.  We plan to offer this every day except Sundays for at least a month, after which the scheme will be reviewed.


Do you need help or do you know someone who needs help? Broughton Village Store has funding to help families and individuals in our area who are struggling as a result of the pandemic. If a contribution towards your weekly shop would make a difference, then please get in touch. Any discussion will be treated in strict confidence. Assistance is limited to £20 per week and is for food or household goods from Broughton Village Store and does not include alcohol or tobacco products. As funds are limited we can only offer this to residents in the Upper Tweed Community Council area. We can still deliver to addresses further afield as before.


telephone: 01899 830 465 email: Scottish Borders Council Community Assistance Hubs can also provide help: don’t hesitate to ring them on 0300 100 1800 — select Option 7.


We are very grateful to a few local residents who have made donations to our welfare initiatives. We would welcome further contributions – you can donate at the shop or email for bank details.

We’re pleased to announce…


We are pleased to announce that following a period of mandatory self-isolation we are now able to restore staffing levels and to resume our normal opening hours with effect from Thursday 12th November. To prevent a recurrence of the disruption caused by last week’s Covid outbreak we are for the time being sticking to a policy of one customer in the shop at any one time. Masks must be worn. Those wishing to do a major shop would be advised to phone first (01899 830465) so the order can be assembled. Deliveries are also still possible. We will keep you posted.
Christopher Lambton
Chairman, Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd


Tuesday 18th August 2020 at 7 pm NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by order of the Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd Management Committee, that the inaugural Annual Members’ Meeting of Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd (UTCE), trading as Broughton Village Store, will be held at 7 pm on Tuesday 18th August 2020. Owing to the ongoing Covid-19 situation it is not possible to have a traditional meeting, but the Management Committee of UTCE would like to encourage as many members (i.e. shareholders) as possible to contribute remotely. We need at least 25 members to engage with the meeting for it to be quorate. The meeting is only open to members. IF YOU ARE A SHAREHOLDER with an email address you should soon receive an email with the agenda inviting your contribution to the meeting either by ZOOM or by PROXY. Please refer to that email and follow the instructions carefully. IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET BUT NO EMAIL ADDRESS please contact us for a password so that you can read the agenda, reports, and further instructions at IF YOU HAVE NO ACCESS TO THE INTERNET we can make the AMM printed papers available to you by special request. FOR PASSWORD AND PAPER DOCUMENTS please phone Christopher Lambton on 01899 830280 or 07879 470920 and we will make arrangements.


Social Investment Tax Relief

Investors in Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd (UTCE) may qualify for tax relief under the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) scheme. Tax relief in this instance would allow you to reduce your taxable income by the amount spent on shares, although the precise benefit will depend on your individual tax status. You will be able to claim any tax relief that is due by completing the relevant section of your Self Assessment tax return.  If you are not required to complete a Self Assessment tax return then it will be necessary to contact HMRC to claim the tax relief. To enable you to claim tax relief UTCE has to complete and submit a compliance statement to HMRC. As part of that process UTCE has to advise HMRC of the identity of all investors who have requested certificates (SITR3) to enable them to claim tax relief. Any investors who wish to claim tax relief are invited to let us know as soon as possible, and no later than Friday 17th July 2020 (we have extended the deadline for allow for postal delays). If you do not wish to claim no action is needed. The SITR3 certificates will be issued to UTCE Ltd and we will send them on to qualifying investors. Please note that UTCE cannot offer advice as to whether you should claim tax relief on your investment. When contacting UTCE please include your full current address including postcode, a contact telephone number, and the number of shares held, so that our records can be updated if necessary. It may be necessary to contact you so please make sure the telephone number is one that will reach you. Please use the following means to get in touch: Email: Phone: 07879 470920 Post: UTCE Ltd, The Old Police House, Broughton, Biggar, ML12 6HQ


We are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Villeneuve Wines in Peebles who are now supplying the shop with a selection of excellent wines from budget to celebratory. To mark the occasion we have an opening offer of Norte Chico’s deliciously refreshing Sauvignon Blanc at £7.15 (normal price £8.50) and from the “Three Winds” winery in Mendoza (Argentina) a dark fruity Malbec at £8.30 (normal price £9.99). Other fine wines now in stock include an un-oaked white Rioja from Bodegas Sonsierra, a real Champagne from Bernard Robert and the BBQ-friendly “Ribshack Red” from Douglas Green in South Africa. There’s lots more so see you soon!

Do you need financial help – or do you know someone who needs help?

Broughton Village Store has received external grant funding which is to help families and individuals in our area who are struggling financially as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.  If a contribution towards your weekly shop would make a meaningful difference, then please get in touch. Any discussion will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Assistance is limited to £20 per week and is for food or household goods from Broughton Village Store.  It does not include alcohol or tobacco products. As funds are limited we can only offer this to residents in the Upper Tweed, Tweedsmuir and Stobo Community Council areas. Please contact us in confidence for further details telephone: 01899 830 465 email: message via facebook Scottish Borders Council Community Assistance Hubs can also provide help: don’t hesitate to ring them on 0300 100 1800 — select Option 7.


COVID-19 / Broughton Village Store / Upper Tweed Community Council Broughton Village Store, in conjunction with volunteers from the Upper Tweed Resilient Communities Group (UTRCG), will be offering a home delivery service for people in our area who are affected by COVID-19 and who need to restrict any contact with other people.  These include: –  people with underlying health issues; –  people over 70 who want to self-isolate; –  people / families in lockdown due to the virus. How Does It Work / What Do You Need to Do? If you would like to benefit from the scheme, please list what you would like to order and then ring Broughton Village Store on 01899 830465 between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Give your name, address and telephone number and the list of goods required.  The shop will take all the details and when the items have been checked for availability, the shop will ring you back, confirm the cost, accept payment and assemble the order. Once the order is ready for despatch, the details will be passed to a volunteer who will ring you and arrange delivery to your doorstep.  Volunteer drivers will (try to) be available to make deliveries between 10:00am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. Basic Rules A minimum spend of £10, payment to be made by Debit / Credit card. A maximum of 2 items on limited stock items unless agreed otherwise. We will endeavour to manage requests as best as we can.  Bear in mind that there may be delays and / or items may be out of stock.  General Notes As the volunteers will be working under the guideline of Scottish Borders Councils insurance policy, no delivery charges will be made. Contact Details / Any Questions Broughton Village Store – 01899 830465 Email Telephone Contact #1 – Simon Edwards – 01899 830452 Telephone Contact #2 – Christopher Lambton – 07879 470920


Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd Trading as Broughton Village Store ANNUAL MEMBERS’ MEETING Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 7:30pm in Broughton Village Hall

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by order of the Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd Management Committee, that the inaugural Annual Members Meeting of Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd (UTCE), trading as Broughton Village Store, will be held at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 18th March 2020 in the Main Hall of Broughton Village Hall. This meeting may only be attended by registered members (i.e. shareholders) of Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd.


Chairman’s Opening Remarks Chairman’s Report Election of the UTCE Board Treasurer’s Report Broughton Village Store performance to date Presentation of the Annual Accounts for FYE 31st December 2019 Appointment of Auditors, if required Change of Financial Year End date Plans for the forthcoming financial year Secretary’s Report Membership of UTCE Recruitment for UTCE Management Committee Next Steps and Closing Remarks by the Chairman Any issues please contact the Secretary: Simon N. Edwards,, Tel: 01899 830452

A generous donation has enabled Broughton Village Store to sponsor the December edition of the Upper Tweed Community News. This page contains an edited version of the page to be published on 1st December

On 22nd June 2019 Broughton Village Store opened as our community shop after 15 long months of closure. Pop in for…

milk butter rolls hot pies coffee cakes border biscuits wine broughton ales lottery newspapers ecoleaf loo paper coke irn bru marchbanks bread green lentils organic stock cubes kalamata olives ham tiptree preserves lockets polos minstrels vogue toblerone oven chips kindling crackers christmas crackers de-icer winalot fairy liquid ecozone dishwasher tablets tunnocks snowballs tikka masala sauce crunchy nut eggs wholemeal bread flour alpen spaghetti hoops honey tomato puree marmalade marmite logs ovaltine hellmanns mayo nescafe batteries soya milk bleach whiskas wrapping paper tyrells crisps sultanas couscous arborio rice jalapeno peppers bombay mix rocky biscuits malt loaf kitchen foil mincemeat cider sausages digestives tennants lager black pudding chicken and ham pies bridies mars bars peeblesshire news tropicana orange juice taylors ice cream fentimans rose lemonade pitta bread tregroes waffles home baking crisps biscuits fresh vegetables fruit cheese oatcakes split peas muesli…and much more! Thank you to all those who turned out on the only nice day this summer for our official unveiling on Saturday 1st June. Pictured below our manager Jen McBeth and local MP David Mundell.



We’re delighted to be able to show progress on the shop refurbishment. As you can see, it has been stripped bare prior to the installation of new shelving, lighting, and refrigeration units. Next week an insulated false ceiling will be installed, and we will be able to paint the walls.


to those who have helped us out over the last two weekends. It has been dirty, repetitive work, but it really makes a difference. There is still work to do for volunteers who have any time during the coming weeks – please contact Charlie on to arrange suitable times and job allocations. Charlie also posts up lists of jobs in the shop window – please take a look.


c. 20th April 2019


…and we need your help — please scroll down

We are delighted to announce that Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd formally took possession of Broughton Village Store on Thursday 18th April 2019. This is now your community shop and we hope the community will come together to help us get it up and running as soon as possible. As we have previously announced we hope to be trading in time for the Broughton Summer Fayre on Saturday 1st June, but there is a lot to do before then. See the section “Help Needed” below.


We can also announce with great pleasure that our new shop manager Jen McBeth will be joining the team later this month. Jen has recently moved to Broughton but previously lived in Biggar for 7 years so is no stranger to the area. She really looks forward to her role right at the centre of this community.


Most urgently, we will need to do some remedial work on the roof timbers and seek volunteers who don’t mind getting dirty to access the roof spaces, remove some excess insulation, and paint preservative on the woodwork. Materials and full PPE will be provided. If anyone is interested please contact As other skills are required they will be announced in further emails and notices in the shop window.


We will soon be recruiting part time staff to help Jen in the shop. Hours and shifts have yet to be determined but anyone interested in principle should contact Jen on There may also be scope for volunteer shifts in the shop for those interested.


We have very nearly reached our upper target of £60,000 through share purchases, which will enable the shop to get started on a sound financial footing. This is really good news and, finances apart, shows the depth of community support for this venture. As there are still a few pledgers yet to buy shares, and new people buying shares almost every day, UTCE has extended the deadline for purchases in this initial share issue for another two weeks until Sunday 5th May. Share certificates will be issued as soon as possible after the new closing date. Please scroll down for information on how to buy shares


Shop opening hours will be announced in due course.


You can apply for shares using the online forms on this page. Anyone can buy shares — from a minimum of one share for £25 to a maximum of 120 for £3000. Every shareholder has a single equal vote. Please first inspect our share offer documentation which can be downloaded here Please fill in and return one of the two share application forms below. This Share Application Form opens as a pdf file which you can print, fill in by hand and return. This Share Application Form (editable) opens as a pdf file into which you can insert your details and tick boxes on your computer. You can then print, sign and return, or simply return the electronic file without a signature. If you choose not to sign it is essential that you send a covering email that clearly states your intention to buy shares.



  • If posting, by cheque to Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd
  • by BACS transfer to UTCE a/c no 18772065 sort code 80-22-60 — please give a reference on the form that matches the reference from your bank


There are other ways to buy shares. You can email and ask for a full printed share pack to be sent to you. We will enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the return of the form. If you want to talk to someone about shares please call Christopher on 07879 470920


6th April 2019


We are delighted to announce that Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd has concluded missives for the purchase of Broughton Village Store. UTCE takes possession on Thursday 18th April, approximately 1 year and 1 month since the shop closed, but remember this is now YOUR shop! We are also in the final stages of appointing a Shop Development Manager, and will be able to make a formal announcement when the position is confirmed. At this stage we have not seen the interior of the shop for quite a while so we do not know how long it will take before we start trading, but we very much hope the shop will be open in time for the Broughton Summer Fayre on Saturday 1st June 2019.  We are grateful to the many people who have bought shares — we have now raised over £50,000 and it is in no small part due to your generosity that we have been able to move swiftly towards purchase. A few of you have pledged to buy shares but have yet to do so; we will be getting in touch soon. Although we have raised a good sum, further share capital is still needed to ensure that we can start trading on a sound financial footing.

15th march


Thank you to all those who turned up on Monday 11th March for the launch of our share offer. We counted almost 140 people in the hall of whom around 40 have already bought shares totalling over £20,000 in value. This is a great vote of confidence in our community project and will allow the committee to start the process of buying the building and re-opening the shop.

WE ARE LAUNCHING OUR COMMUNITY SHARE OFFER on Monday 11th March 2019 in Broughton Village Hall at 7.00pm

For those who are unable to attend it will be possible after this date to download the share documentation and return the application form either by email or post, with payment by BACS transfer or cheque. Please revisit this page to check for updates and instructions.

Share offer documentation and application forms will be available in paper form in the village hall on 11th March. Anyone can buy shares — from a minimum of one share for £25 to a maximum of 120 for £3000. Every shareholder has a single equal vote. We will be able to accept payment by cash, cheque, or bank transfer. Consultants from Community Shares Scotland and committee members of Upper Tweed Community Enterprise will be on hand to answer questions. Your purchase of community shares will enable us to get one step closer to re-opening the shop in Broughton, so a good attendance would be much appreciated. Refreshments will be served.
The share launch will be preceded by the inaugural Annual General Meeting of UTCE. This is an important procedural step which should not take more than 15 minutes. Formal notice of the AGM is given hereunder:
Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd
Trading as Broughton Village Store
Monday 11th March 2019 at 7:00pm
Broughton Village Hall
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by order of the Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd Management Committee that the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Upper Tweed Community Enterprise (UTCE) will be held at 7:00 pm on Monday 11th March 2019 in Broughton Village Hall.
It should be noted that as this is the inaugural AGM, matters will mainly be restricted to the setup of UTCE and the required next steps in order to complete the purchase of the village shop and establish it once again as a viable business. AGENDA Explanation of the transition from Broughton Shop Development Group to the Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd Election of Management Committee Treasurer’s report Secretary’s report Next Steps and Closing Remarks by the Chairman
To read the business plan for Broughton Village Store click here To read the shorter executive summary of the business plan click here The Share Offer Documentation will be available here after Monday 11th March [The winning logo design for Broughton Village Store was created by Thomas Babb, P4 Broughton Primary School, and realised by Lemon Digital Design in Peebles]
Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd (UTCE) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded £90,000 by the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) to help secure the future of Broughton Village Store.
This is a significant step on the road to a re-opened village shop, but there is still a lot of work to do. The money from SLF is awarded in such a way that £66,500 is the maximum that can be contributed to the agreed purchase price of £80,000. The balance of the SLF award is ringfenced to assist with repairs to the building and the appointment of a professional shop development manager to oversee the transition from an empty shell to a thriving community resource. Meanwhile, UTCE must now find the balance of the purchase price. This will be met by a further funding application, currently under consideration, and money raised through a community share issue. Over 90 supporters of the village shop campaign have between them pledged almost £50,000. If everyone buys shares as they have pledged, then UTCE will have sufficient funds to complete repairs to the building, buy new equipment, and then stock the shop.




This meeting will also be the AGM of
Upper Tweed Community Enterprise.
A formal invitation will be sent to all members.

The position of Shop Development Manager will be advertised shortly,

with a full job description, but until then UTCE would be delighted to hear from potential applicants.

This is the text of the official press release from the Scottish Land Fund  £90,000 for Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Broughton group receives Scottish Land Fund cash to secure the future of rural village shop. Upper Tweed Community Enterprise receives £90,000 towards the purchase and re-opening of the former village store in the village of Broughton. The shop closed in March 2018 resulting in the loss of five jobs and entailing villagers in a 12 mile round trip for basic provisions. Christopher Lambton, Chair, Upper Tweed Community Enterprise, said: “It is almost a year since the village shop in Broughton closed abruptly, leaving the village and Upper Tweed area without a key community resource. Since then, the Broughton Shop Development Group, now Upper Tweed Community Enterprise, has been working hard to secure funds to buy and run the shop as a community enterprise. It is not just the board of UTCE but the entire local community that will rejoice to know that we have secured such a generous grant award from the Scottish Land Fund. Securing the  support of SLF was always a key part of our strategy, so it is not just the money but the implied vote of confidence in our collective vision that will bring the dream of a renewed and revitalised village shop closer to reality.” “The sum awarded includes a substantial contribution towards the purchase of the shop and also includes ringfenced funding for a staff position and essential repairs. “On behalf of the hard-working board and our consultant Sandra Macaskill I can attest that throughout the application process we have received unstinting support and encouragement, which is deeply appreciated. Scottish Land Fund really does do what it says on the tin.” FURTHER INFORMATION 07879 470920 Or visit



We are pleased to announce that as of 21st December 2018, Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd has been registered as a Community Benefit Society with the Financial Conduct Authority. In due course UTCE will replace the Broughton Shop Development Group (BSDG) as the community body seeking to re-instate the shop in Broughton. Details about the transition including the formal registration documentation can be seen on the UTCE page. Why is this change necessary? BSDG was a simple voluntary organisation that enabled us to get started, whereas UTCE is authorised to raise money locally through a Community Share Offer. The share prospectus is currently being prepared, and we hope to launch the share offer in early February. It is not too late to pledge to buy shares. It is not necessary to pledge in order to buy shares, nor is a pledge binding, but it provides us with a very useful indication of how much we can expect to raise through the share offer. PLEDGE FORMS Please click on Pledge Form (pdf) for a printable pdf document and on Pledge Form (Word) for an editable Word document. Return the form as instructed at the foot of the sheet.


We await a decision from our principal funder, the Scottish Land Fund, as to whether we will be awarded the major component of the funds necessary to secure the shop. Further funds are being sought from Glenkerie Wind Farm to help meet any shortfall. Money raised from shareholders will principally be used to buy equipment and stock the shop.


There are potentially six vacant positions on the management board of UTCE. The current board urgently seek help from members of the community with relevant skills, such as HR, book-keeping, VAT registration and returns, retail management, EPOS, general administration… anything you can think of that running a village shop requires. At some point we will be seeking paid staff but at present we are looking for volunteers who would be prepared to join the board either permanently or more casually as a consultant. The current board has a wide range of experience but none of us has run a village shop. Any volunteer needs only to be able to show some initiative, to be willing to take ownership of a problem, and to have reasonable communication skills (we do a lot by email). 17th December 2018 Simon and Christopher from the Broughton Shop Development Group (BSDG) enjoyed an informative outing to the recently re-opened community shop in New Galloway. Hosts Lynsey and Helen (pictured with Simon) were justly proud of both the immaculate new shop premises and the imaginatively converted holiday let flats above it. While New Galloway’s scheme was Lottery funded and greater in scope than our project in Broughton, there are many similarities, and much to be learned from their experience. You can read about it at
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing BSDG wish our supporters a very good Christmas, even without a shop. We will be in touch again when we have progress to report on the Scottish Land Fund application or the establishment of Upper Tweed Community Enterprise. Please note that recent reports in the Peeblesshire News that we are already selling shares are untrue — a share offer document will be produced in the new year.
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9th December 2018
The Broughton Shop Development Group (BSDG) is pleased to announce that after protracted and detailed negotiations agreement has been reached in principle for the group to buy the existing shop premises. Our application for funding has been lodged with the Scottish Land Fund with a decision expected in January. We will need to raise additional funds to complete the purchase which we hope to achieve in March 2019. Until all funds are in place and a legal offer made, we should make it clear that our agreement is not legally binding, but both parties are keen that the deal should go ahead. In the next few weeks BSDG will transform into a Community Benefit Society (CBS) to be called Upper Tweed Community Enterprise Ltd (UTCE). This new body will be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and will be authorised to issue Community Shares under the auspices of Community Shares Scotland (CSS).

Christopher Lambton (Chair, BSDG) This next video contains inspiring examples of community share ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS BSDG would like to thank our external advisers Sandra Macaskill, Martin Meteyard (Cooperative Business Consultants), and Isla McCulloch (Community Shares Scotland) for their valuable input into this project The chair of BSDG would like to thank the committee for their hard work so far.